Saturday, October 18, 2008

neglected much?

alright. I know, its been too long but oh is it worth it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

REBEL DANCE Nomad Sophistication

Rebel Dance's founder and designer, Maikhanh Bertrand, sent Lifelounge their brand spanking new lookbook for A/W. A true child of the world. Rebel Dance, like Bertrand, is inspired by world travel and aspires to be for travellers "expressing their power through art and celebration" (Katie Olsen). Meanwhile, the denim-fronted high-waisted skirt is sexx, the jersey dress is schmick and the wool fringe vest and shoulders on the denim jacket are out of control. More at

'Low Dog" the look

Launch of new t-shirt collection The Look Presents Nigel Waymouth.

tees include Nigel’s reworking of two of the historic shopfronts he designed for the ever-changing frontage of his legendary King’s Road boutique Granny Takes A Trip. Nigel has also drawn on his roots as one of the key graphic designers of the Summer Of Love as part of the iconic Hapshash & The Coloured Coat, who turned England and the US dayglo with wild art for such megastars as The Who and Jimi Hendrix.

T Rex

its in the sole


impossible to explain how much i love soko
youll see -
Soko (a Paris-based duo) the girl is singing about a guy who left her for someone else. How sweet when she sings, "We would have had a boy called Tom, and a girl called Susan, born in Japan." Born in Japan! I love that detail; it's exactly how you fantasize about the future in somewhat obscure detail.
this song was used for a Stella McCartney runway show. also they are comming to Australia very soon, so we may see them (fingers crossed). check out her Lagerfeld picture and girl crush