Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lost america


Mid 60s Cadillac hearse at an unnamed high-desert junkyard near Lake Los Angeles, CA. Night, 2 minute exposure, full moon, red and blue-gelled strobe-flash Canon 20D. It has come to my attention from several reliable sources that the owner of this junkyard rents his collection of highly unusual and rare cars to the movie industry. I've been told he will "shoot trespassers (like me) on sight." Be careful out there kids.

Abandoned bus for the "Velvet Knights Drum Corps", lost someplace in California's High Desert. Night, full moon, 2 minutes, red and green gelled strobe flash. Canon 20D.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Doin' time for bein' young

yesterday I spent time at my favourite place in  Auckland VADA salon. Paul, who is hairdresser and guru to me ... worked absolute wonders once again. The picture above is increadibly similar to how Im feeling. Its longer but still black and rockabilly-styled ... and makes me want to go all out (thinkTraci Lordes in 'Cry Baby'). anyway --- it was all for a music video shoot that I had on later that night. Which I cannot think about now after hours stomping around in mile-high stilletos and no sleep. SO Im going to kick it in flats this Sunday and continue moving to the apartment on the coast which means getting rid of everything that hasnt been given a second glance in months. Anyone for a increadible collection of lingerie and corsets that i never give deserved attention to?