Thursday, August 20, 2009


shot from last night. at Noah's

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

black mamba


to create is to destroy

life is about getting up out of your chair and doing something. It is about doing nothing. Making a mess. Moving your hand and your body. Leaving a mark. It is about doing. Action. Finishing. EXPERIMENTING. Trying something. Immersing. It is about absurdity. A creation. Evidence that you exist. Using materials. Destruction. It is about fun. Doing the opposite. Breaking the rules. It is about ideas. Getting dirty. Making mistakes. Im going to ask you to make a mark.
And its going to be messy.
Don't worry about that.
Thats the point.


dont wear your heart on your sleeve ...

... wear the universe on your back.
you galactic traveler you.

sweet child of mine

always wanted a nose piercing. Vogue Nippon is playing out my desire for it in this Terry Richardson-shot editorial. Model-of-the-moment Abbey Lee Kershaw tries on skin-tight leather catsuits, studded Elise Overland minis and some insane leather elbow-length gloves. apparently, those concert wristbands I used to sleep in (memories) are IN except this time they're done up in metal and are layered with a man's watch for extra punch.
Chain me to the wall
The Fashion Spot


Where have you been? INVERSE ORDER PEOPLE! Great band, get in to them and let me know why the heck I haven't seem them around lately

i need to get the DeLorean back in workin order


come preacher pray for me

When I was a young girl I used to see pleasure
When I was a young girl I used to drink ale
Out of the ale house, down into the jail house
My body salve-aided and hell is my doom
Come mama come papa and sit you down by me
Come sit you down by me and pity my case
My poor head is aching my sad heart is breaking
My body salve-aided and hell is my doom
Please send for the preacher to come and pray for me
And send for the doctor to heal all my wounds
My poor head is aching my sad heart is breaking
My body salve-aided and I'm bound to die
One morning, one morning, one morning in May,
I saw this young lady all wrapped in white linnen
All wrapped in white linnen
and called out "the plague"

always the optimist

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009



It is as though I have an internal pace that is being kept by people in the street... walking the blvd and watching the passers-by. Perhaps I am keeping pace for the wider universe. I definitely know the steps.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009