Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the Naked and Famous

The next in a line of friends that I have found to be either naked or famous... and in this case BOTH

paraphrased and flip reversed: Quite possibly the best band you’ve never heard (yet) with a debut EP “This Machine” released May 5th through Round Trip Mars (home to SJD, Phelps & Munro, James Duncan, Unitone HiFi etc), they are already further down the track than many who have been around a lot longer. The band, named after a line from a Tricky song, are based around the ferociously talented pairing of composer/control freak Thom Powers and vocal siren/lyricist Alisa Xayalith, though they operate as a 4 piece live. The Naked And Famous are about to step out. You have been warned. “THIS MACHINE” 6 TRACK EP, OUT NOW

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